Ancient Rome 2

Construct entire residential districts for people and improve their well-being by building markets, schools, theaters and other places, and connect them with roads for ease of access. Create warehouses and farms, plant wheat and bake bread, mine clay and manufacture all kinds of crockery. Once you have your manufacturing in place and running, provide your population with food, improving the status of households. Sell the excess of products and make more money. The richer households become with time, the more taxes they pay, thus helping you improve the city. Once you have successfully completed all the missions, you will be able to build your own villa!






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Other review:


"Impressive Windows 8 strategy game released

After playing the game for a few hours, I realized that it's somehow similar to the good old Caesar game, if you recall that classic game. Ancient Rome 2 for Windows 8 comes with 30 levels in the campaign mode, and if you're a strategy game aficionado, I'm pretty sure that you will finished them quite quickly. I can only hope that the developers will add even more levels or, perhaps new campaigns. More people will discover the game, so they will be bound to do it."

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System Requirements:
  • Operating system: Win / Win8/ Mac OS / Linux
  • Processor speed: 2.0GHz
  • RAM: 1024MB
  • Hard drive space (uncompressed): 155 MB
  • Graphics Card: 128 MB
  • DirectX version: 7+

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